Weekend Intensive Workshop with Gestalta

Weekend Intensive Workshop with Gestalta

from 37.00

Workshop to be held in Munich, Germany 20th – 22nd of December, 2019.

The price, £37 (approx. €40) for Friday evening and £325 (approx. €361) for Saturday & Sunday is per couple.

Entry Requirements
Friday evening:
All levels. Participants should understand a single column tie, and basic frictions.
Intermediate. Participants must be able to confidently demonstrate a suspension worthy chest harness (any style), and knowledge of working with suspension lines using both bamboo and ring/carabiner.

On Saturday 21st December the studio will host a screening of the short film ‘Spellbound’ and a discussion of the film with creator Uli Kaffei. As part of the evening, Gestalta will give a performance, and this will be followed by an open evening shibari jam. Entry to the performance is free for those who have bought tickets to the Saturday/Sunday workshop. Otherwise, ticket's will be €20 per person.

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Workshop Program

The workshop will give participants the chance to familiarise themselves with Gestalta’s own approach to shibari.

As a rigger who also has extensive experience on the other side of the ropes, Gestalta aims to teach rope with a focus on the body of the tied partner in all areas of shibari practice.

Topics covered will include;

  • Body mechanics, both in and out of rope, on the floor and in the air.

  • The body within the takatekote.

  • The third rope - and varying it according to your situation.

  • Understanding the body in basic suspension positions such as yokozuri, hikyaku-zuri, aomuke-zuri, gyaku-ebi-zuri.

  • Rope handling and ‘unstructured’ suspension.

Depending on the level of the participants, other topics could include:

  • Alternative harnesses: Hands free chest harness, hands in front harness, strappado, hip or leg harness.

  • Kata-ashi-zuri (with transitions)

  • Working with torsions Bamboo harnesses 

  • Floorwork and partials for play and/or torture

The workshop is organised by DeliteBlue and the Shibari/Kinbaku Group Munich, and will be held at the McArthur Studio, Schwanthalerstr. 184, 80337 München, Bayern.

In order to ensure that enough attention can be given to each participant, a maximum of 8 tying pairs will be admitted.

Dress code: comfortable, flexible clothing. e.g. yoga clothes or similar.
Please bring suitable ropes, and safety tools.

Each applicant alone is responsible for all risks arising from participating in the workshop and subsequently for applying learned knowledge. Liability by the organiser of any kind is excluded.

We look forward to seeing you!

About Gestalta

“My approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences which I appropriate, mix and develop in my own practice. This has shaped my teaching style into one that seeks to reflect the experience of both tying partners on a deep level. I have a strong belief that shibari should not be prescriptive and encourage students to explore it as a flexible set of tools; adapting each tie to the body of the tied partner, and to their needs and desires within each individual situation. My teaching process aims to enable this by giving students a framework of the fundamental principles behind shibari; including safety efficiency and fluency, but also body awareness, communication, and conscious consideration of their own experiences and motivations.

I absorbed most of my technical rigging style a natural process of observation and experience from inside the ropes of the people I was tied by as a model. In this respect I have been lucky to have had a broad range of influences from both Japan and the west.”