Shunga, Bijinga

Shunga, Bijinga


Woodblock prints featuring Shunga and Bijin-ga have been an integral part of Japanese culture and imagery since the 1600’s.

This book displays over 200 colour pictures and provides a journey through the art of the period. It features the personal collection of Bob Bentley, who describes the work and explains how the art was generated by Japanese culture during the time of isolation from the rest of the world through to the 20th century.

The passion of a collector shines through and is a source of delight for others who enjoy such prints. Bob uses clear language to demystify a culture that has provided the world with some of the most glorious art that has ever been seen.

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About the Author
Bob Bentley is a BAFTA award winning film director who, after directing “The Great Wave” – a film about the famous print by Hokusai of the same name – developed a love of Japanese woodblock prints that led to an extensive collection of Shunga and Bijin-ga art. He teaches film at a London University and enjoys collecting and also painting his own works.

ISBN 978-0-9576275-5-0 | 176 pages | Dimensions: approx. 240mm x 270mm | Weight: approx. 0.7kg